Aim Technologies negotiates with government agencies to perform social media analytics for COP27

John Saad – co-founder and CEO of Aim Technologies, which specializes in data analysis and market research for AI-powered social media – said the company is negotiating with government agencies to provide its services. data analysis using AI via social media platforms around the COP27 events.

Saad added during a roundtable hosted by the company on Monday that the company is already cooperating with a number of government agencies to analyze user opinions on social media platforms.

He disclosed that the company’s total investment volume in the Arab region exceeds EGP 50 million with a portfolio of clients in seven countries including Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Jordan , Pakistan and Canada.

Further, he added that the size of the global data market is $150 billion and is expected to exceed $250 billion within five years.

Saad then explained that the company works in a number of key sectors, namely telecommunications, real estate, retail and cars, in addition to cooperating with ministries and government institutions.

He also noted that the company is negotiating with a number of banks to deliver its customer satisfaction measurement solutions through social media platforms using AI.

In addition, he reviewed the company’s efforts to provide its services to the telecom industry to satisfy telecom service customers, as well as its negotiations with a number of banks to provide its services to them.

Saad then went on to say that exploring, understanding and analyzing data on social media requires human and robot data analysts to examine large amounts of raw data in order to discern patterns and trends related to social media. online behavior, content sharing, interpersonal communications, online shopping. behavior, and more, which is a broad field that relies on computer science, data mining, machine learning, and statistics.

Aim Technologies is the region’s first AI company specializing in understanding and analyzing different local languages ​​and dialects in the Middle East and Africa.

It has achieved a volume of contracts worth over EGP 40 million since its inception and with investments that have reached over EGP 50 million in the Arab region, according to Saad.

He added that the company aims to develop an integrated set of AI-based products to support and grow the business of public and private sector companies and governments and increase target audience satisfaction by analyzing and understanding trends and customer opinions. and users, as data is the new black gold, adding that the company aspires to become the biggest AI company in MEA.

Saad also indicated that the company aims to support Egypt’s Vision 2030.

Egypt aims to increase AI’s contribution to gross domestic product to 7.7% by 2030, according to the Information and Decision Support Center, which confirms that AI will enter many fields in the future and will replace humans in important jobs.

Ashley C. Reynolds