Aleut will help aggregate actionable intelligence for government agencies

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado., September 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Aleut Information Technology, LLC (Aleut) has been awarded a contract by the US Air Force to provide maintenance, development and support services for its existing distributed common grounding system at Open Architecture (OA/DCGS) and Operation and Delivery Platform (FPED) – United States’ leading visual data aggregator for military intelligence.

“We want to help analysts deliver better results to their agencies,” said Aleut Federal’s vice president of technology services, Geoff Vaughan. “We know how critical it is for information to be processed and distributed efficiently and accurately. Aleut will continue to release software updates at a rapid pace, adding features that improve the functionality of the platform and empower operators.”

FPED is a platform that takes a wide range of data, including video, geospatial intelligence, photographs, etc., collected by aircraft in the field and leverages the data with the help of subject matter experts located around the world. These experts then take the images and identify items of interest (eg, weapons, vehicles, and troops). The annotated files are then disseminated to subsystems operated by external government agencies such as the Army, Navy and Marine Corps, which use it to generate intelligence reports on the state of regions.

Under the newly awarded contract, Aleut will continue to support various sites across the FPED network to perform software and hardware updates and training, working with operators to find out what features and functionality options they would like to see in the future updates. Aleut uses human-centered design principles to research requirements and make user experience (UX) improvement recommendations for government approval.

This contract has a potential duration of three years – including a one-year base period and two one-year options. Aleut will partner with incumbent operator MetroStar. Aleut is proud to retain the original contractors and key members of the original project team, ensuring a smooth transition.


Formed in 2016, Aleut is an 8(a) certified Small Business Administration and Small Disadvantaged Business program participant offering proven capabilities in the IT industry, including infrastructure and communications.

Aleut Information Technology, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Aleut Federal, LLC, a holding company for the federal subsidiaries of The Aleut Corporation (TAC). TAC was one of the first 13 Alaska Native corporations created under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, passed by the U.S. Congress in 1971.

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