Austin Company Launches Free Procurement Service for Government Agencies and Businesses

AUSTIN, TX, March 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — AustinGovOptics announced the launch of Tag, a free solution and service that makes it easier for agencies to create, publish, distribute and share solicitations with a large market of potential suppliers. With Beacon, providers will avoid daunting registration processes and additional fees and costs, while saving time with streamlined processes.

“This service will improve the workflows of procurement professionals so that even small agencies can easily formulate and submit clear and precise solicitations,” said Tiffany Kennedyrepresenting GovOptics, the Austin, TX-based business from the new service.

Beacon’s main features include:

  • Distributor: agencies can publish and distribute their solicitations to more suppliers;

  • Tracker: Sourcing managers can invite, update, and monitor solicitation plan holders. Automatic alerts notify users of changes or modifications and facilitate other important communications with plan holders;

  • Tag Tender Archives: A searchable database of previously published RFP specifications that will help users prepare accurate RFPs (Requests for Proposals). In this videolearn how this tool provides access to 36 million pages of tender documents, the largest and growing repository of tender specifications in North America.

Beacon also offers automatic updates when new solicitations are posted. Plan holders can simply fill out a form to receive email updates and a secure link to download attachments.

Beacon was created to give agencies more vendor exposure and increase solicitation response rates.

Agencies can now easily communicate with vendors and submit bids without starting from scratch, reducing wasted time and submission errors.

“We have made Beacon completely free for the first 500 municipalities that use the service in the spirit of its design. The basic and basic service will be free for them, as long as these originating agencies use the service. “In the future, we may add additional vendor sourcing functionality to our suite of free products,” the company said.

Beacon’s support, service and engineering units will be based at the company’s headquarters in Austin.

You can quickly register your agency for a Free Demo Beacon features and tools.

GovOptics supports innovation in the public sector, through its mission to increase transparency, equality and access to valuable data for governments, businesses and citizens.


The beacon is a Austina Montreal-based technology company that helps municipalities overcome obstacles and challenges in the procurement process. Agencies can take advantage of Broadcaster to publish and distribute solicitations, Tracker to communicate with plan holders, and RFP Archive to access the largest searchable database of RFP specifications, making writing RFP requirements easier and more precise. Beacon is designed to increase plan holder participation by solving the most common frustrations among companies looking for public works.

To learn more about Beacon, check out this overview or contact Tiffany Kennedyat [email protected] or call 888-402-2231.


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