Biden administration unveils plan to eradicate ‘racial inequality’ in government agencies

The Biden administration on Thursday unveiled hundreds of strategies across multiple federal agencies aimed at addressing what it calls racial and gender inequality in the federal government.

A senior administration official said the initiative was the first major assessment of how government policies have allowed “inequality to worsen,” including how they believe the government has blocked underserved communities from government services.

“It’s about getting under the hood of every agency,” the official said.

The plan outlines more than 300 different strategies and commitments from more than 90 federal agencies, including the Departments of Justice, Defense, Energy and Labor.

For example, the Department of Justice will provide more accessible programs in the language to help people with limited English proficiency better report crimes and access its services. The Department of Transportation will increase investments in underserved communities to reduce barriers to accessing public transportation. And the Department of Defense will partner with Historically Black College and Universities to reduce bias in the algorithms of its computer programs.

The plan also includes plans for the administration to reach communities it says have been historically excluded from government services by addressing gaps in the awarding of federal grants and contracts.

The efforts stem from an executive order President Biden signed on his first day in office aimed at advancing racial equity and improving support for underserved communities across government.

After a year-long review, the government adopted specific proposals for its agencies. The program will include measures to ensure agencies meet their goals of improving access to federal government resources among underserved communities.

Ashley C. Reynolds