Bulgarian politicians and government departments on the truck that exploded on the Crimean Bridge – europeantimes.news

Official cabinet spokesman Anton Kutev told BTA that the official government has requested information from the services on the matter. “Inspections are carried out by both the DANS and the Ministry of the Interior. We still have to see what the results will be,” Kutev stressed.

The reason for the reaction of Bulgarian politicians and state services was the words of the head of the investigative commission of Russia, Alexander Bastrikine, quoted by world agencies, who reported to Putin that the truck which had exploded on the Crimean Bridge was passed on a route from Bulgaria.

The State Agency “National Security” (DANS) has already launched one, it became clear from its announcement. The special agency verifies the spread information that the truck that caused the explosion on the Crimean bridge on October 8 passed through the territory of our country.

Bulgaria had no complicity in the preparation of the Crimean bridge explosion. This was stated today by Prime Minister Gulab Donev, who commented on the information that the truck that caused the explosion of the facility connecting Crimea with Russia left Bulgaria.

The Prime Minister clarified that already on Sunday evening, after media publications, he ordered the DANS to check to establish the exact route of the truck.

Donev called on the media to comment responsibly on the subject, as it creates risks for national security and Bulgaria’s involvement in Russia’s war with Ukraine.

“The use of such a phrase implies complicity,” he stressed and assured that our country had nothing to do with the preparation of the Crimean bridge explosion. “There are no such official accusations from the Russian side either,” the prime minister stressed, emphatically saying that journalists did not have correct data on the case.

“The information you have is not reliable. Bulgaria is only connected as a geographical point along the truck’s route. Nothing more,” he explained.

Yesterday, of ‘We continue the change’ also rejected the claim of a Bulgarian thread in the bombing of the Crimean bridge, and the party, in turn, called for an inspection of the services: ‘We are not of agreement with the Kremlin’s alarmism and incitement to panic and the involvement of Bulgaria’s name in the events related to the Crimean Bridge. We call on the Bulgarian authorities and the interim government to immediately investigate this matter and to dismiss the Kremlin’s insinuations of a Bulgarian connection to this event. Time is running out,” Chasing Change co-chair Kiril Petkov said in a video posted on the party’s website. Facebook page.

Previously, GERB and BSP had issued similar positions, also calling for an inspection.

Ashley C. Reynolds