Bureaucrat-turned-politician Shah Faesal joins government service; awaits new placement orders [details]

Bureaucrat-turned-politician Shah Faesal joins government service;  awaits new placement orders [details]

Topper of the 2009 UPSC Exam, Shah Faseal joined the service after a hiatus of more than three years. Faesal is back on the Union Territory Government lists after the Government of India reinstated him in the Indian Administrative Services a few weeks ago.

He has joined the General Administration Department in Jammu and Kashmir and is currently on standby for assignment.

Former IAS officer Shah Faesal left government service in 2019, citing rising “intolerance” in the country and to start a political party.

Although Shah Faseal turned off his mobile phone to avoid any questions from the media, he hinted that he would join the government service through some posts on his Twitter account.

Kashmiri politician Shah Faesal was flown back to Srinagar on another flight and remanded in custody.IANS

In a series of tweets, he wrote about his idealism that let him down in 2019 when he resigned from government service to join politics.

“8 months of my life (January 2019-August 2019) created so much baggage that I was almost finished. Chasing a chimera, I lost almost everything I had built over the years. Work. Friends . Reputation. Public benevolence. But I never gave up hope. My idealism had let me down,” he tweeted.

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“But I had faith in myself. That I would fix the mistakes I had made. That life would give me another chance. Part of me is exhausted by the memory of those 8 months and wants to erase that legacy. is largely already gone. Time will mop up the rest to believe,” he added in another tweet.

“I just thought to share that life is good. It’s always worth giving yourself another chance. Setbacks make us stronger. And there’s an amazing world beyond the shadows of the past.
I will be 39 next month. And I’m really excited to start all over again,” he tweeted.

Floating political party in 2019

Faesal, who passed the UPSC exam in 2009, resigned from the service in January 2019.

He launched his own political party, People’s Movement of Jammu and Kashmir, in March 2019 and announced that he would stand for election to the Assembly. His party was one of the constituents of the People’s Alliance for the Gupkar Declaration (PAGD).

Detained at Delhi airport, under house arrest in Kashmir

After the repeal of Sections 370 and 35-A on August 5, 2019, Shah Faesal was detained at Delhi airport on August 14, 2019 and returned to Kashmir. He was placed under house arrest. After being taken into custody in Delhi, Shah Faesal was transferred to Srinagar where he was again detained under the Public Security Act (PSA). Faesal had left for Istanbul.

After the Center repealed Section 370 provisions for Jammu and Kashmir, the former IAS officer slammed the government saying the valley was experiencing an unprecedented lockdown and its eight million inhabitants were “incarcerated” as never before.

Released after 10 months, PSA revoked

On June 4, 2020, Shah Faesal was released after the administration of Jammu and Kashmir revoked his detention under the Public Security Act (PSA).

After his release, Faesal gave up politics and began to hint that he would return to government service.

He has been a strong supporter, on social media, of the current policies of the BJP government. He often shared speeches by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah on his Twitter account.

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