Can you trust information from government agencies –

Can you trust information from government agencies

Posted at 4:01 p.m. on Tuesday, August 9, 2022

For the editor:
We live in a society where deception is always present. This is truly the age of deception as Biblically predicted. With that in mind, the question arises: which agencies or organizations, whether part of the government or backed by elite globalists, can you believe or trust?
Right now, many federal agencies are controlled by agendas – whether it’s climate control, open borders, rewriting national history, vaccination mandates, funding police, gender identity, etc. In all these cases, the specific agenda determines what information is communicated to the public, whether it is true, biased or false. You can no longer trust the data and/or information of these agencies. You should exercise good judgment and obtain independent information from reputable individuals or organizations not associated with the government agency. It is important to realize that many programs are international in scope and/or involve multiple agencies.
The CLIMATE CONTROL AGENDA is an excellent example. The problem is that it has become extremely politicized and has become one of the main programs of the current administration. Thus, all members of the firm must move this agenda forward with associated agencies, regardless of the facts. This is why many excellent scientists/engineers have resigned from their posts in protest. They have joined independent organizations where you can get factual information. Of course, these individuals have been canceled by government agencies, liberal media and globalist elites. Too few people realize that the long-term goal of the climate change agenda is to exert control over the population. If this erroneous program is ever codified into law, your activities and freedoms will be curtailed by a multitude of restrictions. For example, your electricity consumption as well as fuel consumption will be limited. Both of these restrictions will limit when, where, and how far you travel, the availability of food, and may even reduce your water intake and other energy-consuming activities. Needless to say, the use of recreational vehicles and boating will cease or be heavily restricted, except for the elite.
Compared to history, the earth’s temperature was much higher during the Medieval Warm Period which lasted around 1500 AD. Then the temperatures dropped with the Maunder minimum (little ice age) from 1645 to 1715. That was when they were ice skating in Holland and on the Thames in England. Indications are that solar activity was low during this time. Then a warming trend started around 1900 and reached a plateau where we still find ourselves today. Of course there were fluctuations but nothing really dramatic and not values ​​even close to those of the medieval period.
Weather models (mathematical models) are another problematic area that has led to dire predictions. To date, there is no really precise model although some claim to have one. Al Gore’s dire prediction in his book “An Inconvenient Truth” that New York would now be underwater was associated with the use of a model to predict what would happen due to global warming. In short, the various weather models have proven to be unreliable as predictors of future weather events or temperature changes. They all predict that the weather system will become unstable with disastrous results. The problem with models is their inability to correctly correlate all variables. Some variables that come into play are the level of activity of the sun and its interaction with the earth as it rotates, expands and moves in its orbit, as well as the interaction with clouds and their formation, the effect of the wind and the effect of the moon and the associated ocean. movements. Likewise, we do not fully understand the interaction of these variables with the content of the upper atmosphere. Then you have the effects of things happening on the earth such as volcanic activity, large fires, major wars, and other types of pollution including CO2. It is a difficult problem that deserves serious attention, but does not need political or media overtones or interventions.
Well, what about NASA and many colleges and universities? NASA is a government agency and much of the college/university weather research is controlled by the government. To survive or obtain extensive research funds, they must adhere to the associated program. Thus, the information and/or data you receive will be tainted by the agenda and may therefore be biased. Several years ago (during the Obama administration), several retired NASA engineers/scientists declared global warming a hoax. Of course, they were discredited by the liberal media. About 25 years ago three scientists/engineers were fired by NASA for selecting specific temperature data from a database that supported global warming when using the full database did not not. How times have changed as we have become an agenda-driven society. In fact, a considerable amount of today’s technical literature is marred by agendas. It’s sad because 30 or 40 years ago you believed that what you were reading was factual and not biased in any way. Obtaining genuine, unadulterated data or facts is difficult today.
The final conclusion is that we do not have a satisfactory mathematical model or theory that explains Earth’s temperature fluctuations or climate change. Certainly, the climate is changing and often with terrible local consequences as we have seen in recent times. But existing models tend to say that the climate system is unstable and therefore predict calamity. This is what led to Al Gore’s grim predictions that didn’t happen. When God created this world, he set up an inherently stable climate system. The different variables have bounds. When we can develop a model that reflects this stability, then we can understand the interaction of all the previously mentioned variables.
It is foolish today to use known fraudulent models to draw alarming conclusions about the future and then use these predicted situations as a means to control people/society. The key is to take politics out of the study of climate change. Then let the unbiased results lead us to make wise and sensible decisions.

Ron Winter

Ashley C. Reynolds