China orders government agencies and companies to replace foreign computers within two years

To bolster support for local PC brands, China is pushing businesses and government agencies to replace their PCs within two years of service.

The authorities aim to avoid possible sanctions that Western countries could impose on them.

China wants to replace foreign PCs in the new two years

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China orders companies and agencies to replace overseas-made PCs by mid-2024. here’s why

According to a Bloomberg report, China has ordered state-backed companies and government agencies to get rid of personal computers made from other countries.

The country is considering the use of domestically made computers to phase out foreign products. In particular, China says there will be a mandatory program that will give governments a two-year grace period to switch to foreign computers.

By mid-24, government agencies are expected to be able to replace at least 50 million personal computers in the country.

Why China Wants to Expel Foreign PCs

In another report from Tom’s Hardware, the Chinese government may have an agenda behind this decision. First, the authorities want to focus on improving the country’s overall economy without depending on foreign companies.

Moreover, it is also possible that it wants to create its own technologies that can compete with top global brands. Apart from this, China aims to improve its security for its business entities.

Although many products are made in China, their components come from Europe or America. It’s a known fact that Chinese agencies use PCs from foreign brands like Dell and Acer, but the government says it wants to see more of its local brands.

One would expect Chinese PC manufacturers to increase in number in the future following this implementation. However, companies still need more advanced technology before they can compete with known technology companies around the world.

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China’s dependence on the West

What China wants is to introduce its national products to the world, but it will not be easy because it relies on Western technology. Replacing Chinese software with American or European software is a smart move as it has already proven to be an effective alternative.

If China wants to create high-quality products from scratch, it will first need help from companies outside the country.

Over the years, we have seen how the nation struggles to avoid foreign technologies at all costs. However, it seems he couldn’t become independent in the process.

Meanwhile, Apple has been exploring an option to expand manufacturing outside of the China region for some time, according to Tech Times.

In reality, the Cupertino giant could suffer various consequences if this happens, including loss of revenue and changes in investor relations. The iPhone maker will adapt big in case this happens all of a sudden.

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