Digital Saudi welcomes the launch of new digital services from several government agencies

Riyadh — The “Digital Saudi” exhibition, organized by the Digital Government Authority (DGA), within the framework of the LEAP conference, hosted the launch of a number of digital government services, in the presence of officials and leaders of the digital transformation of government.

The Ministry of Tourism launched the digital tourism strategy; The National Center for Government Resource Systems launched the e-procurement service, and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology signed three memoranda of cooperation with Saudi Information Technology Company (SITE), Masna Company and the Global Data Center Company.

Digital Saudi showcased the services of around 15 whole-of-government platforms and 10 products based on innovative models using emerging technologies. Digital Saudi also welcomed international and regional participation represented by the Republic of Estonia and the Sultanate of Oman.

The Saudi Digital Expo aims to highlight the digital excellence achievements of government agencies in the development of digital services for beneficiaries, to showcase the success of Saudi Arabia’s digital transformation journey regionally and internationally, and to review the most important digital government services intended to improve the quality of life and strengthen competitiveness.

The Saudi digital exhibition was launched on Tuesday. The Saudi digital exhibition will take place over three days with the participation of a group of government agencies from the Kingdom.

By organizing the exhibition, the DGA aims to take stock of the digital government process through the services provided by the Authority to government agencies, in addition to the digital transformation projects provided by these agencies to all beneficiaries.

The expo will also see the launch of the Life Experiences Program, the Sustainability Methodology in Digital Investing, in addition to many other digital services.

DGA Governor Ahmed Al-Suwayan said the Authority worked through the exhibition to highlight efforts to develop digital government, which aim to improve the quality of life, competitiveness and durability.

In addition, it highlights Saudi achievements made in the past period and to increase the attractiveness of foreign investment in Saudi Arabia in digital and technical fields and projects, with Saudi Arabia ranking second in the report on digital competitiveness published by the European Center for Digital. Competitiveness of G20 countries.

He pointed out that “Digital Saudi Arabia” will see the signing of strategic agreements in addition to the DGA, with leading technology companies, to accelerate digital transformation and leverage efficiency.

He added that “Digital Saudi Exhibition” is a favorable opportunity for all beneficiaries to learn about digital government services and how to benefit from them.

He recalled what these agencies have been working on to improve the quality of life through 6,000 digital services with a maturity level of over 83%, explaining that the exhibition will see the launch of a range of services from the DGA and government agencies, in addition to announcing a number of digital initiatives.

It should be noted that the DGA is the competent authority for everything related to the work of digital government and its regulation of affairs, as it aims to achieve integration in the field of digital government between all government agencies.

It also aims to help improve the investment environment in the area of ​​digital technology, investing in existing assets and improving operational efficiency, in line with the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030. — SPA

Ashley C. Reynolds