Donald Trump added the Patent Office to the list of government agencies he is fighting: not just the FBI and the White House

Ancient President Donald Trump is no stranger to legal issues with past history of battles and ongoing ones with the FBI and the White House. Trump’s SPAC deal to bring Trump Media and Technology Group with Acquisition of the digital world Company DWAC has also faced challenges and may now have a major one around the name of its flagship.

What happened: The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has refused a trademark application for the term “Truth Social”.

The news was reported by trademark agent Josh Gerben of the Gerben law on Twitter Inc. TWTR Thursday.

The USPTO refused to accept the mark citing pre-existing marks of a similar nature.

The USPTO filing cited existing trademarks for The Truth Network and Vero True Social. The dossier also cites examples from Cisco Systems Inc. CSCO, Meta Platforms Inc META and Inc. RCMP-belonging Soft on the use of certain marks.

“The marks are compared in their entirety for similarities in appearance, sound, connotation and commercial impression,” the filing states.

Trump now has six months to file a response and file a lawsuit against the USPTO’s denial of the trademark on Truth Social.

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And after: In addition to encountering problems with the name of its social media platform, Truth Social could be facing financial problems. Reports from Fox Business Network and Charles Gasparino Claimed Truth Social Partner LawForge said he stopped paying for web hosting services months ago and was $1.6 million behind. Spokespersons for RightForge and Truth Social did not deny the Fox Business allegations.

RightForge was named the company offering web hosting for Truth Social in October with a platform that was “censorship-proof” and “designed for free speech and a free press.”

Truth Social saw app downloads increase after the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid, Benzinga recently reported. The app came out of the top 50 most downloaded social media apps on the Apple Inc. AAPL The iOS App Store is the 15th most downloaded, peaking at 10th most downloaded several days later.

Trump Media & Technology Group is being investigated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and a federal grand jury ahead of its potential merger with Digital World Acquisition Corporation.

Digital World Acquisition is facing a significant shareholder vote to extend the merger deadline to September 8, 2023. A meeting of shareholders to vote on the extension is tentatively scheduled for September 6, 2023. The original deadline set for the deal based on SPAC’s IPO is September 8, 2022.

Without the one-year extension, the company has the option to extend the deadline until March 8, 2023. Failure to close the deal by the March deadline would result in liquidation.

“Digital World will be required to dissolve and liquidate its trust account by returning the remaining funds in this account to public shareholders,” according to a public filing.

Digital World also recently delayed its earnings report.

Truth Social is currently only available on Apple devices with recently opened pre-orders for Android devices.

Truth Social is one of the few social media platforms where Trump and several prominent conservative voices are welcomed after being banned from other platforms such as Twitter and Meta Platforms. Facebook. Trump might be welcome on Twitter if Elon Musk acquires the company, but faces a Facebook ban until at least January 2023.

DWAC Price Action: Shares of Digital World Acquisition were down 2.42% at $29.42 Thursday at market close against a 52-week trading range of $9.84 to $175.

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Ashley C. Reynolds