Dubai Government Services Channel Assessment Completed: Media Office – News

Assessment as part of efforts to achieve the Services 360 vision and digital transformation

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Published: Fri 19 August 2022, 20:44

Last update: Fri 19 August 2022, 20:46

The Dubai Model Center has completed an in-depth assessment of Dubai government services, including websites, smart apps and contact centers, the emirate’s media office announced on Friday.

The assessment covered the initiatives of four joint departments of 17 local government entities, three federal agencies, three private sector companies and 17 call centers, in addition to 38 websites and 25 smart apps affiliated with the Government of Dubai.

The assessment was conducted in partnership with Digital Dubai Authority as part of a larger ongoing assessment by the Hamdan bin Mohammed Program for Government Services.

The assessment was organized as part of its efforts to achieve its “Services 360” vision and digital transformation strategy under the “one government” concept.

Abdulla Al Basti, Secretary General of the Dubai Executive Council, said: “Upgrading services and creating an exceptional experience is a priority for the Government of Dubai and embodies our leadership’s vision of achieving the highest high levels of efficiency and quality.

Hamad Obaid Al Mansouri, Managing Director of the Digital Dubai Authority, said: “This assessment provides further proof of Dubai’s dynamism in line with international best practices, future forecast data and guidance for thought leadership and strategies to build the coming.

Eman Al Suwaidi, Senior Director of Dubai Model Centre, said: “The Government of Dubai has set ambitious goals for its services, including 100% proactive and automated services; 90% integrated services; and 90% service delivery without the physical presence of the client.

Since the launch of the Dubai Model Center in 2011, more than 1,078 significant initiatives have been undertaken to improve more than 412 services in the emirate.

Ashley C. Reynolds