Elevating the Human Experience in Government Services: Lessons from the United States

The United States government issued an executive order in late 2021 that aims to improve citizen interactions with government services. Governments in Canada and around the world can learn from this to improve how they serve their people and rebuild trust in the process.

An opportunity for government services
Governments around the world have pledged to go digital. Some have created digital delivery units and are adopting agile, user-centric ways of working. Some systematically use new technologies to modernize their services. Many are successful in designing services around diverse human experiences, using service excellence to create efficiencies and foster inclusion.

Customer Experience Lessons for Canada
This transformative order from the highest level of government in the United States marked a clear shift in how it intends to take ownership of the full delivery chain and deliver quality services and experiences.

US Executive Order 14058: An Overview

  • Top Service Providers Identified That “Raise All Boats”
  • Organized around an analytics service unit
  • Gather customer feedback using comparable methods
  • Customer experience activities aligned with annual budget, strategic planning and learning planning

A senior Canadian official then explained how the American experience can inform efforts there, including:

  • Urge governments across Canada to act quickly
  • Prioritize digital modernization
  • Prioritize clarity

For more information, read Elevating the Human Experience in Government Services: Lessons from the United States.

Ashley C. Reynolds