Federal agencies commit to making government services accessible to underserved communities

The Biden administration unveiled a series of action plans outlining government strategies to advance equity and racial justice in underserved communities.

The White House said Thursday that more than 90 federal departments and agencies have released their equity action plans that detail their commitment to making federal services more accessible to all Americans in accordance with a Executive Decree President Joe Biden signed on his first day in office.

the defense department plans to develop a more diverse workforce for artificial intelligence research and development projects by increasing investment in minority-serving institutions and historically black colleges and universities.

A new plan of Small Business Administration aims to help businesses and entrepreneurs in underserved communities secure capital and resources by streamlining program applications.

Another shot of Nasa focuses on increasing the participation of entrepreneurs and businesses from underserved communities in space agency procurement efforts and improving grants and cooperative agreements.

The Ministries of Labour, Housing and Urban Development, Transport, Justice, Commerce, and Health and Human Services also presented their plans to advance equity in underserved communities.

Ashley C. Reynolds