Google Offers Zero Trust Cloud Cybersecurity Approach for Government Agencies

Two Google Cloud executives described how the company’s cybersecurity framework can help agencies adopt zero-trust principles to ensure the protection of data assets and cloud-based applications.

Jeannette Manfra and Dan Prieto wrote in a joint blog post published on Friday the The BeyondCorp Enterprise Platform provides an integrated approach for government organizations to defend against security threats and protect information in real time.

They said the platform allows Chromium Browser users to manage software-as-a-service applications and other cloud-hosted applications through a central control system.

BeyondCorp Enterprise is designed to support a multi-factor authentication process with an anti-phishing method and help organizations create context-aware security permissions.

Platform customers can also use E of Chromendpoint verification program to check the information security posture within their organizations, such as those that have bring your own device policies for employees, Manfra and Prieto noted.

They added that Google Cloud’s zero-trust cybersecurity offering includes a protected profile feature to help administrators manage access to data on unmanaged devices and monitor activities that pose a security risk.

In March the company published a white paper on how UK public and private sector organizations can apply Google Cloud products and services to comply with the Zero Trust Principles established by the UK’s National Cybersecurity Center.

Manfra is senior director of global risk and compliance at Google Cloud, while Prieto is responsible for security strategy for the global public sector.

Ashley C. Reynolds