Government Agencies Continue to Face Labor Shortages | Best Stories

GENESEE CO. (WJRT) – A staffing crisis reaching breaking point for municipalities. In the city of Flint, head of the human resources department, Eddie Smith is working to fill 37 positions in several departments.

But the competition for employees is intensifying day by day, leading to persistent problems.

“Some parts just wouldn’t be an opportunity for growth and the other part is employees leaving due to lack of motivation and that’s the responsibility of companies,” said Eddie Smith, human resources manager for the city of Flint.

This goes hand in hand with insufficient remuneration of employees. Genesee County District Attorney David Leyton says that’s what he’s trying to fight for with his own staff while giving them more perks like other government agencies are doing.

“Attorney General Dana Nessel is allowing his people to work from home on his schedule that officials have established and I know that’s happening in other branches of government,” Leyton said.

This must continue in Genesee County as well.

For Smith and Leyton, they say something more needs to be done to ease the burden on their staff and get them to work.

“Qualified prosecutors are getting to the point where they’re exhausted and they’re saying, you know, I don’t want to do this anymore,” he said.

The city of Flint has also considered lowering the bar on requirements to find more applicants, but Smith says even then it’s a vicious cycle to bring new hires up to speed with the limited staff they already have. .

“A lot of positions we have in the city, we don’t have the ability to train a lot of people because of the number of employees we have,” Smith said.

Ashley C. Reynolds