Government agencies’ data and equipment safe after power outage


Minister of Communications Symon de Nobriga. – Stock photo

Wednesday’s nationwide blackout did not affect the operations of any government office. Communications Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office, Symon de Nobriga, said as of Friday afternoon that he had not received any reports of service delays or technical problems.

T&TEC managing director Kelvin Ramsook explained that around 12:52 p.m. Wednesday, a fault developed in one of the main circuits, which triggered the shutdown of its independent stations, causing the blackout at the scale of Trinidad.

The entire island was without power for several hours, with power gradually restored overnight Wednesday. Power was fully restored at 1 a.m. Thursday.

Responding to Newsday’s questions about the possibility of delays in processing grants, salaries and other state services following the power outage as well as major damage to state equipment, Nobriga said, “I have not received any reports of property losses, delays or damage from my colleagues.”

There were also no reports of data loss.

Acting Police Commissioner McDonald Jacob said neither the police operations center nor any of its machinery was affected by the outage.

He said: “We haven’t received any reports of electrical damage or anything at our stations or our operations center.”

Ashley C. Reynolds