Government agencies discuss aviation industry concerns over 5G C-band

Government officials would work together to address concerns raised by the aviation industry regarding the implementation of new C-band 5G operations.

According to, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Administrator Billy Nolen and National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) Director Alan Davidson met on Monday to discuss possible aviation security issues.


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While the FAA and NTIA declined to comment on the meeting, Nolen previously sent a letter to the Commerce Department’s telecommunications unit “requesting a delay in certain 5G C-band transmissions from small carriers.”

The FAA is reportedly looking to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to make AT&T and Verizon’s voluntary mitigations mandatory for “19 small carriers and other spectrum holders.”

In the letter, Nolen wrote that “aviation safety would be compromised if the U.S. government did not codify certain additional operating limitations in the 5G C-Band environment,” according to Reuters.

Some in the aviation industry fear 5G service could interfere with plane altimeters, with several major airline CEOs warning of an “imminent catastrophic aviation crisis” at a meeting in January.

In June, AT&T and Verizon voluntarily agreed to delay some 5G C-band uses until July 2023 as the airlines work to address potential interference issues.

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Ashley C. Reynolds