Government agencies join agreement on outdoor recreation

A dozen federal and state agencies gathered in Genoa on Wednesday to sign the Nevada Agreement for Recreation Shared Stewardship.
Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak said the agreement is a huge win for all families and visitors to Nevada, one that will strengthen collective efforts to protect the environment, fight climate change, bolster efforts to recreation and ecotourism and ensure access to state recreation opportunities for all.

He said the goal is to create a strategic plan to advance sustainable outdoor recreation and to support healthy communities and a vibrant economy, as well as promote environmental stewardship.
He was joined by half a dozen state officials representing departments including conservation and natural resources, the outdoor recreation division, state parks, wildlife, the tourism department and the transportation department.
Federal signatories represented the National Park Service, USDA Forest Service, BLM, US Fish and Wildlife Service and Bureau of Reclamation.

Ashley C. Reynolds