The Prime Minister’s Office of Government Services Integration Committee (GSIC) has successfully hosted a virtual zoom meeting on the preparations and planning process for the upcoming Pacific Games to be hosted by the Solomon Islands in 2023.

Government ministries and other key stakeholders attended the meeting.

A statement from the GSIC Secretariat said the meeting provided an update on the Pacific Games, the planning process and the roles and responsibilities of government departments.

The Secretary to the Prime Minister and Chairman of the National Host Authority informed the meeting that the 2023 Pacific Games remains a key priority project for the government and requires a whole-of-government approach to mobilize resources and manpower for support the Games.

Chief Executive of the Games Organizing Committee (GOC), Peter Stewart, informed the meeting that government departments have an important role to play in supporting the GOC in the successful implementation of the Games. Without government support and assistance, it will be difficult to organize the Games successfully.

In his presentation, the CEO said that the main government services needed are in the areas of policing and national security, health, education, legislation supporting corporate sponsorship, immigration, customs, protocol, transport and other areas.

The CEO reminded all government departments that they all have a role to play in ensuring the success of the Games. He also spoke about the importance of the legacy of the Games so that after the success of the Games, the country can use the success of the Games to its advantage to improve the development and prosperity of its nation.

Recently, the Government of the Solomon Islands reiterated the importance of the Pacific Games 2023 as an important project and wishes to see their organization successful. The Games are scheduled from November 19 to December 2, 2023.

Meanwhile, the GSIC Secretariat will meet shortly with various cluster groups and identified ministries to discuss how the government and ministries are responding collectively to support the GOC in the delivery of the Games.

Ashley C. Reynolds