Government Services Forum explores citizen-centric government services of 2030 and beyond

Sir. Mohammad bin TaliahHead of Government Services, Government of the United Arab Emirates, said: “As the pandemic has catalyzed societal challenges, it is imperative that the impact on the government services sector be capitalized for years to come. In record time , governments have succeeded in simplifying, automating and digitizing a considerable number of their key processes; putting their citizens at the center of the equation, harnessing the momentum to propel the governments global vision and mission.”

He added: “The Forum was a great opportunity to explore the readiness of governments for a world of hyper-personalized, predictive and proactive services. Only by sharing our own unique experiences, reflecting on our challenges and measuring our success can we leverage our individual learnings for collective success. This is why this exchange platform is vital for future achievements.”

“The evolution of the government-citizen relationship has forced a radical rethinking of government services. Today’s ‘smart citizen’ demands a shift in government service paradigms – moving from services to an emphasis on experience This edition of the Government Services Forum has come together precisely to discuss and review these changes,” added Mr. Mohammad bin Taliah.

Citizens are now more than ever widely exposed to services designed and provided by global technology, e-commerce, fintech and gaming giants, and are constantly raising their expectations of all service providers; governments being no exception. The main theme of the Forum focused on how governments around the world are responding to changing citizen expectations and challenges, delivering exceptional service experiences.

With a focus on citizen-centric government services, one of the Forum’s themes explored how today’s global citizens are ready to engage with AI-augmented gamified services and immersive government service experiences in the metaverse, a concept that is quickly becoming a reality.

The session was moderated by Dr. Jonathan ReichentalProfessor (United States) and speakers this year included Mohammad bin TaliahHead of Government Services, Government of the United Arab Emirates, Shai-lee Spigelman, Former Director General, Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology (Israel), Cevat Yerli CEO, The TMRW Foundation (Germany); dr. Daniel Kraftphysician, scientist and healthcare innovator, president, XPRIZE Pandemic & Health Alliance (United States); Kyriacos KokkinosDeputy Minister to the President for Research, Innovation and Digital Policy (Cyprus); Paul Misenervice president of global innovation policy and communications, Amazon (United States); Ronald Menzelco-founder of Dreamscape (United States); Taavi RoivasPresident of AuVe Tech and former Prime Minister (Estonia); Marta A. Tomovska, Director, Team for Public Administration Reform and e-Government Office of the Prime Minister, Republic of Serbia and Ulvi MehdievPresident of the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The World Government Summit (WGS), launched under the guidance of His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al MaktoumVice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of dubai, in 2013, is a global platform bringing together world leaders, ministers, senior officials and policy makers to share experiences and ideas contributing to the development of future governments and discuss the latest trends and innovative solutions to global challenges . WGS 2022 came together this year welcoming 4,000 participants and 500 speakers, who are shaping the next decade of governments.

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