How satisfied are you with government services in your community?

Dan Albas is the Conservative MP for Central Okanagan—Similkameen—Nicola. This constituency includes the communities of Kelowna (precise boundaries), West Kelowna, Peachland, Summerland, Keremeos, Princeton, Merritt and Logan Lake.

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Since I was first elected, I have used the summer months, generally spending speaking opportunities and undertaking a listening tour — riding-wide — to hear the concerns of local citizens .

One of the greatest things about this riding is the great diversity of people who live in our various communities. Some in more densely populated urban areas – others in smaller towns and there are some in unincorporated rural areas.

In turn, each fall, when the House resumes its activities, I share the concerns raised in Ottawa.

This year, unlike any other, there is a different tone to what I am hearing.

Affordability, given record inflation and the direction of our governments at all levels, has been a concern in many communities.

Health care, such as the inability to get a doctor or having to travel long distances for health care-related services, are ongoing challenges.

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<p>Many citizens spoke of the sheer frustration of trying to get in and out of Kelowna via Highway 97 or Coquihalla and the resulting traffic jam adds stress and anxiety which some say has had them prevented from making the trip.</p>
<p>Overall, there is a feeling that various governments are failing to deliver basic basic services and focusing more on other areas that many consider non-essential.</p>
<p>There are also concerns about increased government secrecy and the inability to get simple, clear answers about why services have been delayed and when they will be restored and/or available locally.</p>
<p>From my perspective, there is no doubt that even as an elected official, it has become more difficult to obtain information from the federal departments and agencies with which I often deal.</p>
<p>Similarly, I have heard of similar challenges from citizens attempting to obtain information from Interior Health.</p>
<p>From a traffic perspective, aside from flood damage in Coquihalla which is currently being repaired, the last major federal-provincial partnership projects aimed at reducing traffic congestion in this area have been the widening between Summerland and Peachland as well as the significant widening of portions of Highway 3 between Princeton and Hope.</p>
<p>Both projects were completed before 2015 and there has been significant growth since.</p>
<p>The intention of this week’s report is not to attack any level of government or government-related agency/department, but rather to ask a simple question.</p>
<p>How satisfied are you with the current state of government service delivery in your community?</p>
<p><em>I can be reached at or call toll-free 1-800-665-8711.</em></p>
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Ashley C. Reynolds