Looking back… on government agencies preparing for the 21st century, 1997 | Features

June 5, 1947, in The Star: Mr. and Mrs. Joe O’Kelley live in the Oxford area, specifically on Talladega Road opposite the Municipal Airport. Their house has three rooms plus a kitchen, but it could do with some repairs and a good coat of paint everywhere. What he will never miss, however, are children and chores. You see, the O’Kelleys got married 15 years ago, when she was 17 and he was 23. And Mrs. O’Kelley herself came from a family with a strong ‘twin gene’ running through her. – which explains why today the couple have nine children: four sets of twins plus an unmarried boy named 8-year-old Billy Wayne, whom they refer to as ‘Lost John’ because he has no twins. The twins are: Charlene and Charles, 13; Velma Jean and Thelma Jo, 5; Johnny Frank and Mary Frances, 3; and Glenda Sue and Linda Lou, 18 months. Father Joe O’Kelley drives a gas truck for the Gulf Oil Co. and they manage to make ends meet. “We never go into much debt – we’d rather go without,” said Ms O’Kelley, who gets a liter and a half of milk from the family cow every day and feeds her family partly from 23 dozen jars of milk. beans, vegetables, soups and other foods she canned in the past year. A photograph accompanying the story shows laundry hanging outside to dry, with some of the clothes formed from colorful flour sacks.

June 5, 1997, in The Star: The City of Anniston now has a municipal presence on the World Wide Web, as does the agency responsible for the redevelopment of Fort McClellan after the military vacated the area in 1999. Other official agencies that have previously implemented Places of web pages include the Anniston Fire Department, Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce, and Jacksonville State University. Councilman Hans Gray designed Anniston’s webpage for free. (In contrast, the Fort Reuse Authority paid Jacksonville State University $3,200 to set up its page.) Gray says he’d like to put city council meeting minutes on the page. , but City Clerk Alan Atkinson can’t file the minutes on a computer because his office only has a typewriter. Also this date: The Alabama Department of Revenue is also preparing to face the 21st century on its computers. Governor Fob James signed legislation May 22 that allows the tax collection agency to accept electronic filing of state tax returns beginning with the 1998 tax filing season.

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