MAMPU keeps vital government services running smoothly with Veeam

Malaysia’s Administrative Modernization and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU) keeps vital government services running smoothly by achieving 99.5% system availability with Veeam.

Citizens across Malaysia are using a range of digital tools to access health and education services, file taxes, run their businesses and more.

As an IT service provider for the public sector, the Malaysian Administrative Modernization and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU) is responsible for ensuring that the applications and infrastructure supporting all government activities run smoothly 24 hours a day. To achieve this, the organization operates the Malaysia Public Sector Data Center, which comprises more than 3,000 servers and is used by more than 200 agencies.

“Any unplanned downtime could have a huge impact on the delivery of vital public services,” said MAMPU’s Government Data Center (GDC) team. “To avoid disruption, we have committed to providing each government agency with a service level agreement [SLA] 99.5% availability for all IT systems and applications they use.

Robust and reliable backup and recovery capabilities are MAMPU’s last line of defense against unplanned downtime and as such play a crucial role in achieving its key availability SLA.

“Most of the services we provide to government agencies run on virtual machines, and each month we create up to 20 new virtual machines to meet growing demand,” the GDC team said. “With our virtual environment set to expand further in the coming months, we recognized that our existing backup solutions were simply not cost effective or scalable enough to support future growth.”

In addition to limiting the scalability and flexibility of MAMPU, the organization’s IT experts found that they needed faster recovery for each virtual machine, in the event of an unplanned downtime.

In order to find the best backup and recovery solutions for its growing IT infrastructure, MAMPU launched a formal tender process and evaluated bids from several vendors, including Veeam.

“We chose Veeam Availability Suite because it is completely hardware independent, offers an incredibly user-friendly interface and offers flexible licensing options,” said the GDC team. “And the fact that we would be able to achieve ISO 27001 compliance with Veeam was a huge plus, as all Malaysian government agencies are required to meet this high standard.

MAMPU’s Veeam environment, one of the largest instances of Veeam Availability Suite in the public sector, backs up over 12TB of critical data and 616 virtual machines. Currently, the organization backs up data to its primary on-premises data center and then replicates those backups to a secondary location.

“The move to Veaam solutions has dramatically improved capacity planning,” said the GDC team. “With VeeamONE, we can easily get a quick snapshot of the current state of our backup environment and leverage near real-time data to make more informed strategic decisions.

Impressed with its experience with Veeam solutions, MAMPU plans to upgrade to the latest version of Veeam Availability Suite in the coming months, which will open up more opportunities for the organization to grow its backup and recovery environment.

“We are excited to take advantage of the latest features provided by Veeam,” said the GDC team. “For example, we plan to deploy the Continuous Data Protection tool to achieve an even lower recovery time objective for our virtual machines. And to further strengthen data protection, we plan to establish a hardened repository for our most sensitive workloads and datasets, increasing our protection against cyberattacks.

The results

  • 100% faster recovery of virtual machines strengthens business continuity:
    “By reducing restore times for our virtual environments from two hours to less than 60 minutes with Veeam, we are in a much better position to reduce downtime due to unplanned downtime. This enables government agencies to deliver reliable and responsive services to citizens,” the GDC team said.
  • 99.5% uptime SLA achieved with Veeam solutions:
    Since switching to Veeam solutions, MAMPU has successfully maintained its record of consistently exceeding availability targets, delivering consistently excellent customer service.
  • Supports transparent infrastructure growth, delivering value to citizens:
    “Veeam’s flexible licensing allows us to protect our workloads without worrying about future growth or infrastructure changes,” said the GDC team. “Ultimately, this frees up more resources, which we can divert to transform service delivery to citizens across Malaysia.

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Ashley C. Reynolds