Manoj Kumar Dwivedi to officers

The Principal Secretary of the General Administration Department, Manoj Kumar Dwivedi, today chaired the first meeting of the working committee for the implementation of the “Digital Jammu & Kashmir” program in the Union territory. The principal secretary asked the committee members to create a single platform offering all government services to citizens within a month. He emphasized simplicity, accessibility and user-friendliness in service delivery. Dwivedi advised members to create a single point of access for all services covering different departments. He also asked them to create a multilingual portal to enable greater reach and access. In addition, officers were asked to ensure end-to-end integration of services to enable citizens to use them from the comfort of their homes. They were asked to synchronize the portal with payment gateways and make monetary transactions seamless and effortless. To eliminate multiple submission of required documentation, which is often similar for different departments; the principal secretary led the creation of a user profile on the portal itself where documents can be uploaded once and viewed later by multiple departments.

He further urged those concerned to evolve simplified application formats and reduce the documentation burden to the bare minimum. The meeting was informed that it was initially planned to integrate 170 G2C services on the portal. All of these services will continue to be regulated by the J&K Public Service Guarantee Act. With the implementation of this portal, users will only need to register once on the “Jan Parichay” portal to access the various services, which will be integrated into it. This citizen-centric service delivery platform will be linked to DigiLocker and users will be able to request multiple services and make electronic payments through a single login. Additionally, the portal will also enable application tracking and status sharing via SMS and email notifications. Once processed, the user will receive the required document without any physical interface with the department(s), the electronic copy of which will also be available on the DigiLocker. The meeting was attended by committee members, including Prerna Puri, IT Secretary (Membership Secretary); deputy general manager, NIC; State IT Officer and representatives from IIT Jammu, JaKeGA, J&K CSC, Aadhar, CDAC and other IT department officers.

Ashley C. Reynolds