Measures to expedite obtaining information (RTI) from government agencies

The Ministry of Public Administration and Interior asks the public to provide their telephone number, WhatsApp number and email address as well as their contact address in order to avoid delays in obtaining information demanded of government institutions.

The main purpose is to avoid possible delays in sending the requested information by post.

These facts were revealed when the secretary of the president Saman Ekanayake and the secretaries of the ministries met yesterday at the office of the president (2).

Secretary to the President Saman Ekanayake informed all secretaries of ministries that it is the primary responsibility of all ministries and government officials to work for the convenience of the public and that it is mandatory to create a response program in all government departments and institutions by providing efficient service without inconveniencing anyone.

The public is informed to follow this step when requesting information from the Presidency

Secretariat, and since 2019 Principal Assistant Secretary to the President (Legal) Sisira Henadhira acts as Information Officer. Dr. Sulakshana Jayawardena, Additional Secretary to the President, serves as Designated Officer.

Officials can be contacted through the following links: Sisira Henadhira, Principal Assistant Secretary (Legal) to the President, Mobile Number – 0718132590, Office Number – 0112354329 and 0112354354.

Dr. Sulakshana Jayawardena, Additional Secretary to the President, Mobile No – 0719994133 / 0711992354 Office No – 0112354329, 0112354354, Email – [email protected]

Ashley C. Reynolds