ND Government Agencies Participate in HR Conference

If you visit your local government office, you never really think about the day-to-day operations inside and out.

“Most small governments in North Dakota don’t have a human resources department because they have a city auditor, or a business manager in a school does HR duties and they’re not really trained in HR” , said Kathy Hogan, HR collaboration coordinator.

For two consecutive days, government agencies from across the state participated in a human resources conference in Bismarck, providing knowledge on up-to-date policies and procedures required in the workforce.

“He teaches all these local agencies about human resource issues, how to hire staff, how to keep staff, and how to keep everything legal,” Hogan said.

Hiring more help is the biggest problem that agencies face.

“There are so many vacancies in local schools and in cities and counties, and the expectation that we continue to do the job, the public service is just that,” Hogan said.

Carrie Krause is the Wells County Recorder and has many responsibilities.

“I take all the real estate documents and they are registered in my county. I also do marriage licenses and do wedding ceremonies,” Krause said.

She is also the head of the entire department with only one other worker.

“I still need to know what procedures and policies I need to know so I can conduct my employee with the utmost respect and what policies she needs to follow,” Krause said.

Krause also needs to understand policies like paid time off, telecommuting, and drug use.

“You need to know the basics of HR to have an employee under you,” Krause said.

“The smallest jurisdiction we could have is a small park district or a small town that could have an FTE over a half and the largest is probably our public schools which could have 4,000 employees,” Hogan said.

This conference is the first time they have met in person since the pandemic. It has been taking place in the state since 2010.

Ashley C. Reynolds