NTT DATA and Partner to Help Government Agencies Achieve Their Digital Transformation Goals; Christophe Merdon quoted

data technology provider has established a strategic partnership with the IT services company NTT DATA which aims to equip government agencies with cloud platforms.

The mutually beneficial collaboration will allow and NTT DATA to combine their resources and the capabilities of their respective teams to help public sector organizations migrate their assets and stay up to date with new technologies, NTT DATA said on Wednesday.

Christophe MerdonPresident of the Public Sector Affairs Group at NTT DATA Services, said the goal of strategic alignment is to expand citizens’ access to government information and programs while facilitating processes.

“This partnership offers the key to the digital front door,” continued Merdon.

The primary platform that the two companies plan to provide under this partnership is Cardinality Customized Integrated Citizen Services, or PICS. It is a cloud-based tool designed to phase out legacy systems while embracing a path to rapid and secure digital modernization and leveraging the shared expertise of NTT DATA and Cardinality.

Cardinality PICS is modeled after Maryland Total Human-services Integrated Network, or MD THINK, an Amazon Web Services-hosted, cloud-based program that was created in part by NTT DATA and and has been used by agencies around the world. state level in Maryland such as the Department of Human Services, the Department of Health, the Department of Juvenile Services and the Health Benefit Exchange.

This first successful collaboration between NTT DATA and Cardinality allows the aforementioned agencies to perform a range of services for different purposes simultaneously and quickly. They hope to achieve the same with Cardinality PICS.

“We have partnered with NTT DATA to help governments achieve positive results faster,” commented Thiag LoganathanCEO of

Ashley C. Reynolds