Pierlucci says he denies any impropriety in government agencies

Governor Pedro Pierlusi said on Wednesday he was “cancelling” any possible irregularities in government as the headquarters of the Department for Education (DE) was raided by agents. inspector general’s office (OIG) of the United States Department of Education.

However, the chief executive acknowledged that being the DE agency with the largest number of employees in government, around 115,000, “irregularities can arise at any time in such a large unit”.

“Well, we don’t know the details of these irregularities. In this sense, I am not surprised that irregularities can be detected in government operations of our magnitude. The important thing is to act quickly to prevent them from happening or continuing,” Pierlucci said at the end of a press conference and in response to questions from El Nuevo Día.

“It is necessary to take the necessary prophylactic measures to cooperate with the federal OIG on the one hand, and, on the other hand, to prevent any irregularities from continuing,” he stressed.

In passing, the governor claimed that the DE would grant aid to an agency employee associated with vocational education, whose work area and residence had been raided from his executive position. The raids come as the public education system has just two days left for the school year to begin.

“I was informed very early in the morning that this (raid) was taking place. So, I have information that this intervention by the OIG of the Federal Department of Education concerns the field of vocational education, in particular the field which manages the technical institutions of the department. The employee in question, i.e. the owner of the searched property, I have information that he is the director of operations in this area of ​​​​the department of this division and he will be relieved, ”said the governor.

Although the first executive did not disclose the name of the employee who, while holding a management position, holds a career position at the agency, during an interview new dayEducation Secretary Eliezer Ramos Parés confirmed that it was Calvin Pagan La Luz, director of technical education, who He has already been removed from his post.

“He has a career position in the permanent service of the department. He will be removed from his post once the investigation is completed. As soon as we know the result of this investigation, he is immediately relieved of his duties. There are potential irregularities that are reduced to this area. Looking at what happened, I understand that it’s being done and it feels right to me,” Pierlucci said.

He referred Ramos Pares for any questions about the details of the ongoing investigation.

Besides, He denied that the investigation and the raids were linked to the agency’s former deputy undersecretary, Hector Joaquín Sánchez, who died in Germany last May amid allegations of interference in the selection of teachers to receive federal funds. was gone. Sanchez served as assistant secretary for vocational and technical education at DE from 2017 to 2019.

“No. It has nothing to do with it,” Pearlucci said.

for questions of new day What to do with the Department of Education, the government’s largest employment agency and one that has been embroiled in corruption scandals for years, Pierlucci chose to talk about the agency’s performance during his administration.

“We have not given any indication of importance in this department, at least during the year and the seven months that we have been in charge. This is the first time that we have encountered a situation like this, a search warrant has been attempted by the Inspector General. The important thing is that you cooperate with the Inspector General, which I am sure you do,” he replied.

“Any possible irregularities are denied and not welcome, but the important thing here is that we act as good parents,” he said.

Dee was rocked as recently as 2019 by the federal arrest and indictment of Secretary Julia Kelleher on corruption charges. Kellehar confessed to his crime and was released from prison last month after serving a six-month sentence and is currently serving a one-year prison sentence.

Ashley C. Reynolds