Producers met with government agencies to discuss options for dealing with hail damage | News from the region

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Farmers, government agencies and support services all gathered at Lake Wyangan to witness the hail damage and share information on how to access available support. The Department of Primary Industries and the National Resilience and Recovery Agency all met with more than 100 growers at Phillip Andreatta’s farm for a forum on how to access needed support and for farmers to share their stories. Riverina Citrus Growers President Vito Mancini hosted the forum with Andrew Creek to bring together nearly everyone needed to take strong action against the natural disaster that is believed to have caused nearly $36 million in damages. One of the main hopes of the meeting was to reclassify the disaster as category C, which would allow additional support to be provided to those affected. Many agencies are stuck collecting data for those at the top of the chain, with the Department of Primary Industries collecting damage survey data and the NRRA making sure it gets to who needs it. “First and foremost, we make sure the information comes through our portal. My resilience team will figure out what needs to be done. We do need to make sure the information is representative though,” said Donna Argus, Director Local Coordination and Service Delivery at Resilience NSW. Ms Argus confirmed that they had requested that the disaster be upgraded to Category C, but had yet to receive a response. IN OTHER NEWS More than 90 reports have been filed with the DPI, totaling more than 36 million in damages in the Griffith LGA alone. Unfortunately, it appears that the only people available to recategorize the disaster are ministers, none of whom were present at the meeting. Dan Brear of NSW Farmers said this was to ensure those in power understood the real impacts of storms in the NSW region. “Producers are now happy to see some action. It’s about putting a word on paper and actually having support packages for them… I’d like to invite all ministers here to see it first hand “said Mr. Mancini. Mental health remains a significant concern for industry members, and several support services were on hand to remind producers of where they can get help. Jenn Paggett is an agricultural community advisor with MLHD. “I come from Albury, just to let people know the offer is there… What people forget is that the trauma can be ongoing, it’s long term,” she said . “Crises affect different people in different ways.” Our reporters work hard to provide local, up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can access our trusted content:


Ashley C. Reynolds