The check book enables faster payment disbursements for government agencies

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Over the past two years, the fallout from a global pandemic has affected workers in all sectors. For some – especially those working in restaurants, bars and other service sectors – the restrictions and closures have been particularly difficult. As a result, government agencies have worked to address this issue, providing essential grants and stimulus payments intended to help service workers, artists and other at-risk sectors weather the economic setbacks they have suffered. .

While these programs are important in helping Americans recover from the past two years, distributing the funds has been fraught with challenges — most importantly, recipients have struggled to receive the payments they need most. At Checkbook, they decided to solve this problem and simplify the payment process. Based in San Mateo, California Checkbook’s all-in-one push payments platform has enabled government agencies to deliver payments at scale, ensuring workers have immediate access to the funds they need.

As VP of Sales Clark Spink explains, Checkbook streamlined what was a tedious and often confusing process for recipients using payment platforms that require recipient registration.

“There has been massive confusion or opposition from the recipient side, as other payment processors require both the entity remitting the money and the recipients to be registered on the platform. does not require the recipient to register,” says Spink.

“I can log into my account now and send you a digital payment of $300, and you can choose to receive the digital payment via online deposit, print and deposit, instant payment (push to debit card) , real-time payment, or by uploading a virtual credit card. Whatever you choose, can provide digital payment instantly and without recipient registration.

Checkbook offers multiple ways for recipients to receive payments, and their scalable platform enables agencies to distribute thousands of payments in minutes, allowing these entities to connect with their recipients quickly and at scale. Checkbook has already partnered with several agencies in the United States, playing a vital role in helping workers survive the incredible challenges of the pandemic.

“Recently, we worked with a regional performing arts center to provide grants through our platform to musicians who have been affected by restaurant and bar closures during the pandemic,” says Spink. “For a lot of these musicians, they make money playing music in bars, and when the bars close, they can’t make money or pay their bills.”

Checkbook works with multiple government agencies and nonprofit organizations to bring seamless, streamlined payment processing to the people who need it most, and as quickly as possible. In addition to their partnership to distribute payments to musicians in need, Checkbook has also enabled government entities to distribute emergency rental assistance programs to tenants and/or landlords.

However, their work has only just begun. While many payees and government entities struggle to find a payment processor that can meet their needs instantly, Checkbook is actively taking on new customers every day, quickly becoming the go-to resource for stimulus and grant payments. For Spink and the team at Checkbook, it’s critical they help people who need help now – and who don’t have the luxury of navigating a long and confusing registration process.

“These government entities have money to disburse, and they need to find disbursement partners that offer their recipients convenience, immediacy and optionality all at the same time. Due to the emergency nature of these relief programs, these government entities will often have hundreds or thousands of applicants with varying needs after being approved to receive the program grant. These government entities must then flow the money to these people immediately,” Spink says.

“ is specially designed to help them disburse as well as help their recipients deposit without any hassle.”

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Ashley C. Reynolds