The NCC welcomes the collaboration between government agencies

JThe Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has commended the level of collaboration that exists between government agencies which has contributed to a sound approach to achieving the strategic objectives of the various organizations.

The Area Controller of the Enugu Area of ​​the Commission, Ogbonnna Ugama, who received the leadership of the Enugu Chapter of the Association of Federal Government Heads (AHFGE), on behalf of the Executive Vice President of the Commission, Professor Umar Danbatta, said that such collaboration has helped the Commission achieve some of its objectives.

Ugama told the AHFGE delegation, which was on a courtesy visit, that the NCC has partnered with many organizations over the years, both in the private and public sectors, and that these partnerships have helped improve the performance of the sector in terms of contribution to the national economy.

He said this has prompted the Commission to place great importance on collaboration as an agenda item in its strategic mission. Ugama also said that NCC management has developed the Strategic Management Plan (SMP) 2020-2024 and the Strategic Vision Implementation Plan (SVP) 2021-2025 as roadmaps towards accomplishment. of its mandate, with collaboration being one of the priority areas for further regulation.

He conveyed EVC’s appreciation to AHFGE leadership for seeking greater collaboration with NCC.

Earlier, AHFGE Enugu Chapter President, Ifeoma Ijetta, who congratulated the NCC zonal office for approving the hosting of the next AHFGE meeting in Enugu, highlighted the importance of strategic collaboration among federal government institutions for effective service delivery to citizens.

“Government’s success is measured by the collective success of all component units fulfilling their various mandates and we are pleased with NCC’s positive honor for our proposal and our commitment to collaboration and partnership,” he said. she declared.

Ashley C. Reynolds