UKCloud helps UK government agencies modernize their IT infrastructure in the most sustainable way possible

Having personally worked to understand and reduce the carbon emissions of cloud service delivery, I welcome VMware’s Zero Carbon Committed initiative as a way to demonstrate what is possible, encourage more innovation, and encourage positively organizations to understand and reduce their own carbon footprint, before it’s too late. — John Godwin, Director of Compliance and AI

Offering a single multi-cloud platform and a wide range of expertly managed services, UKCloud provides the UK public sector and highly regulated industries with the sovereign, secure and resilient IT infrastructure they need. The company’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service offerings are widely used by a wide range of government agencies that require high performance and secure connectivity.

The company operates government-grade data centers at two sites and all employees are security-cleared. UKCloud offers three different security domains, including one that is directly connected to the internet, a domain designed to connect behind agency firewalls to private and secure community networks, and one designed for the most secure and sensitive data classified in the above the officials.

UKCloud has also developed innovative technology that allows data to be moved between security domains as needed to enhance collaboration between various agencies. Notably, the company’s multi-cloud platform also works with Janet, the research and education broadband network, the UK health and social care network, the public services network and the high security networks used by the UK defense community and its partners.

We recently reached out to John Godwin, Chief Compliance and AI Officer, to find out more about UKCloud’s efforts to meet its sustainability goals. We also took the opportunity to explore the steps the company has taken to help partners and government agencies reduce their use of fossil fuels.

“UKCloud has been a CarbonNeutral certified company since its inception in 2011 and in 2014 we worked with Natural Capital Partners to develop a validated framework that would not only allow us to measure our own efforts to achieve more sustainable operations, but also provide a neutral carbon footprint. cloud services to public sector agencies across our nation at no additional cost,” says Godwin. “Today we are proud to have progressed to the point where our operations and our investment in the Co-forest initiative in the UK put the business in a carbon negative position. But that of course does not mean that our work is done. There is still a lot of work to do. »

Godwin notes that UKCloud has always sought to identify and reduce its carbon emissions at their source. This includes choosing technology providers and partners who are committed to sustainable practices, using renewable energy sources, using green office technologies and recycling, and engaging all colleagues to minimize their carbon footprint associated with business travel and commuting.

“We understand that delivering sustainable, carbon-neutral, end-to-end cloud services relies on synergies and shared values ​​with upstream technology providers and downstream customers,” he adds. “VMware’s Zero Carbon Committed initiative provides additional assurance, not least because a significant portion of UKCloud’s workload is delivered using VMware technologies. Our strong relationship with VMware reflects the importance we place on selecting environmentally conscious partners in our supply chain. We seek to work with those who can demonstrate that their own use of fossil fuels is reduced through the use of renewable energy sources and the recycling of components which in turn supports the use of cleaner technologies.

Notably, UKCloud was the first cloud provider to offer validated carbon neutral cloud services and its methodologies have been widely accepted by UK government agencies. He was also one of a small group of elite suppliers invited to participate in the Department for Environment, Food and Affairs’ (DEFRA) e-Sustainability Alliance.

“UKCloud is widely recognized as a pioneer in sustainability,” says Godwin. “Warranties, audit assessments and carbon offset certificates are already available to our customers. In all of our submissions, we highlight how we are already meeting our environmental commitments and how we strive to identify additional opportunities to reduce carbon emissions and their measurable and avoidable harm to the environment on our journey to net zero carbon.

Learn more about UKCloud and its partnership with VMware here.

Ashley C. Reynolds