“Why are city and government services still working from home?”

IT MUST stop. We council taxpayers are being abused, overburdened and taken for a ride by the substandard service provided by Lewes and Eastbourne Council.

To explain. This morning I tried to contact the parking service to report a problem in a parking lot. I was trying to be helpful. For about 27 minutes, I held the phone to my ear. I got the same message over and over again: “You are number six in the queue”. I hung.

This afternoon I tried again. Same result, different message.

Determined to get through and finally, surprise, surprise after 32 minutes an operator responded. I asked him where she worked and he said “In my office at home”.

We are told the work from home rule was due to Covid. Covid is now, I am led to believe, officially over.

You don’t have to wear masks anymore, so why isn’t homework over?

It seems that only government departments and local councils persist in this way of working. Why?

This does not apply to the private sector: shops, bars, hotels. Those who have to earn a living.

The real problem is that unless the public starts complaining verbally and demanding better standards, the service will only get worse.

As much as I hate the word, activism is the only way to improve service.

We must demand more from those who claim to serve us, such as our councilors and MPs. Or else get rid of them.

Why don’t our Prime Minister, MPs and Councilors insist that this ‘work from home’ nonsense be stopped and services return to normal?

We pay them enough and these costs are increasing every day. The reason is that they too benefit from this “skive” and therefore do not have to travel to their offices. How demeaning.

Watch the House of Commons chamber on television. It’s half empty.

Jean Armstrong

Address provided

Ashley C. Reynolds